We offer a large variety of products and services.

Our technicians are trained for the latest technologies as well as older systems, such as AC or DC magnetic and Eddy current controls, as well as the most modern vector, variable frequency (VFD), and radio controls.

We offer the following types of controls:

  • Control Chief Radio Remote Control Systems
  • Pushbutton pendant controls
  • AC single speed magnetic control
  • DC single speed magnetic control
  • Two speed magnetic control
  • Wound rotor variable speed control
  • DC variable speed magnetic control
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controlĀ 
  • Closed loop vector control
  • Eddy current control
  • Counter torque control
  • Festoon conductor systems
  • Safe-power bar electrification
  • Collector systems
  • Electrification systems
  • Used Electrical Cabinets (reconditioned to like new)
  • Used and New Old Stock Electrical coils