Overhead Cranes have become the backbone of the manufacturing industry.  When a crane breaks down it can shut down an entire facility.  One of the best ways to ensure your crane is working at peak performance is to have it inspected.  OSHA regulations require an annual inspection completed by a certified inspector, a monthly inspection that can be completed by a trained in-house inspector, and daily or shift change inspections completed by your trained crane operators.  These inspection reports must be kept on file in an accessible location.

We have Certified Crane Inspectors trained by Crane Training USA a Crane Institute of America and CMAA certified training institute. Annual inspections performed by Cranetech are designed to meet not only OSHA regulations we also meet ASME, NEMA/ANSI and NEC regulations.  The following regulation books are available for purchase:

OSHA regulated inspections: OSHA requires that the following items be inspected and observed during operation:

  • Minimum Clearances – 2’’ lateral, 3’’ overhead.
  • All functional operating mechanisms for maladjustment interfering with proper operation.
  • Hooks for deformation, twists, cracks or having 15% in excess of normal throat opening or more than 10% twist from the plane of the unbent hook.
  • Hoist chains, including end connections, for excessive wear twist, distortion or interference with proper function, or stretch beyond the manufacturer recommendations.
  • All functional operating mechanisms for excessive wear of components.
  • Rope reeving for noncompliance with manufacturer recommendations.
  • Checking welds for cracks or distortion.
  • Load chain and wire rope wear, stretch and lubrication.
  • Deformed, cracked or corroded members.
  • Loose bolts or rivets.
  • Cracked or worn sheaves and drums.
  • Worn, cracked or distorted parts such as pins, bearings, shafts, gears and rollers.
  • Excessive wear of chain drive sprockets.
  • Electrical contacts for pitting or wear in relays and push buttons.
  • Brake air gap adjustment.

We supply all customers with detailed inspection reports for their use and records. We are more than happy to provide a sample report upon request.

 We Offer The Following Inspections:
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Biannual
  • Annual

Custom inspection reports:

Our custom inspection program gives clear, easy to read reports.  Customers can have reports e-mailed, burned to USB or CD, or printed and bound.

What to know before you call:

  • Date of Last Inspection
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial/Model Number If Possible
  • Capacity
  • Type of Crane
  • Top Running, Under hung or Patented Track
  • Single Girder, Double Girder or Triple Girder
  • For Jib Cranes – Wall/Column or Floor Mounted

You will need to contact Cranetech Inc directly for an inspection quote. Final price is dependent upon the type, number and accessibility of units at your facility.