Rebuilt Hoist or Crane

Warranty: All rebuilt units have a full one year parts replacement guarantee.

Cranetech will rebuild and recondition your unit by offering you:

  • Replacing all worn out parts
    (Including bearings, seals, and gaskets)
  • New gearing
  • New shafting
  • Brake parts
  • Motors
  • DC to AC conversions available
  • And any other part required

Original manufacturer and redesigned after market parts, and reclaimed castings, are used in the rebuild process. All reclaimed casting are inspected, and verified to be within the allowable industrial standards.

Variable frequency and vector controls are no problem for our trained technicians.

Cranetech has the qualifications and experience to recondition any equipment.  Used cranes can be purchased and relocated to other buildings . We can recondition and change spans on cranes to fit new buildings. Removal, transportation and reinstallation are always available.