Saga1 K2 Spare Parts List

Part NumberDescriptionList Price 
SAGA1-K2Complete K2 System:
(1) K2 Receiver
(2) K2 Transmitters – with
Call for Price
K2 Trans Complete Transmitter Unit
Call for Price
PI-6005-000TX Casing (w/strap) Call for Price
PI-0359-000 Upper Casing Assembly:
with start key, Emergency
stop/start switch and 8
rubber buttons
Call for Price
PI-0257-000Lower Casing Assembly:
with Battery cover and strap
Call for Price
PE-0611-000 Rotary Key PCB ModuleCall for Price
PE-0606-000Transmitter Encoder
Call for Price
Black Covers:
Canvas cover w/clear front
Lanyard Strap Call for Price
K2 Rec Complete Receiver Unit K2Call for Price
PE-0610-000Receiver Decoder Module Call for Price
PE-0609-000 Receiver Relay Module
with out transformer
Call for Price
PI-0311-000Receiver AntennaCall for Price
PE-0626-000DC/DC Converter Call for Price
K2/K4 Copier Module Call for Price